The first step towards establishing a formal Alumni Association was taken on February 15, 2012 with the setting up of a Facebook page tagged “13:10:13 International School Ibadan (ISI) is 50!!”. Invitations were sent out and the membership of the forum grew astronomically over the subsequent months. Even though ISI’s 50th anniversary was the impetus for setting up the page, the vision was to start a sustainable Alumni group that will outlive the 50th celebrations.
For this reason several general meetings were held in Lagos and in the process reached out to several existing groups all in an effort make sure as many people as possible were carried along. That reaching out led to the coming into being chapters in Abuja, Ibadan, UK/Europe, and North America. These chapters are active and have been getting together regularly to hold events and meetings. The chapters though independent, plug into the central working group.

At a general meeting held in Lagos on April 28, 2012, Pro tem officers were elected to direct the affairs of the Alumni body. They are Mr. Tive Ekpere (Pro tem president), Mr. Yemi Soyibo (Pro tem Secretary) and Mr. Bode Osunkoya (Pro tem Treasurer). Mr. Osunkoya was subsequently replaced by Mr. Akindele Philips as he was unable to continue with the assignment. The chapters had coordinators: Ibadan had Mrs. Motun (Oyelola) Ige; Abuja had Mr. Silva Imal; USA had Mr. Jason Inanga and UK had Dr. Femi Williams. The coordinators had teams working with them to develop the chapters.

On October 19, 2012, the Alumni body paid an official visit to the school to celebrate its 49th anniversary. The visit was marked with fanfare as a good number of ExISIs including foundation students were in attendance. ExISI artists who had been invited thrilled the students and got the entire assembly and visitors dancing or bopping their heads to their beats. The visit also created the opportunity for the Alumni to meet with the school authorities. At the meeting, the true state of affairs of the school, as well as the Alumni’s participation in the 50th anniversary celebrations were discussed.

A website,, which incorporates social media modules, was built to reunite old friends, bridge the distance between former students and enhance the activities of the association.

As the movement grew, it became evident that administrative structures needed to be set up. A team of EX-ISIs drawn from different chapters globally was put together to craft a set of Bylaws that will unify, harmonize and foster a strong global Alumni Association, one that has been lacking for decades. The overall objectives are to:

a) Develop a global ISI Alumni Association, with Chapters in various parts of the world.
b) Promote a warm and friendly atmosphere, socially and intellectually, for the exchange of ideas and development of strategies for the continued growth, vitality and vibrancy of a strong and enduring Association.
c) Strengthen the bond between the Association and the School.
d) Be a link between and among the Alumni and the current student body of the School by providing a firm support group socially, academically and culturally.
e) Conduct activities to raise funds to be used for the support and improvement of the School and students of the School.
f) Promote networking and fellowship through regular events and forums held by the various Alumni Chapters, Sub-Chapters and Sister-Chapters as well as information exchange on current events of interest to the School and the Alumni Association.
g) Hold annual or biennial reunion events which will enable bonding and networking between and among the multinational and multicultural membership.
h) Build and continuously update a database of graduates of the School.
i) To do all other things incidental to or conducive to the attainment of any one or all of its above stated Aims and Objects.

Mr. Tani Molajo (SAN) led this team and the Bylaws were ratified at a general meeting held in Lagos, in April 2013.

At that same meeting, a Board of Trustees was constituted to oversee the affairs of the association. The Board is chaired by Mr. Jaiye Doherty and the members are Mrs. Annette Fisher, Mrs. Gbemi Soyemi-Beecroft, Mr. Tani Molajo (SAN), Mr. Dayo Johnson, Dr. Mrs. Enitan Idowu and Mr. Yemi Soyibo.
Afterwards, a public notice was put out in the newspapers for the commencement of the formal registration of the association with the Corporate Affairs Commission. ISIAA thus became incorporated on July 1, 2013.


ISIAA has set up a N1,000,000,000 (One billion naira) ISI Infrastructure Trust Fund. The Association will raise the funds over the next several years and proceeds will be used for the following projects and more.

a. Multi-purpose sports hall
b. Hi-Tech Library/E-learning facility
c. Refurbishment/Upgrade of student hostel blocks
d. Perimeter fencing of the school
e. Interactive boards and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) for staff and students
f. Refurbishment and upgrade of toilets
g. Re-fitting and upgrade of water distribution system
h. Alternative sources of power (inverter and solar energy)
i. Walkie Talkies, CCTV equipment and installation
j. School bus
k. Upgrade of the cafeteria and improvement of the diet of students
In addition to the above, the Alumni Association will explore exchange programs for qualified ISI teachers and educational partnership with reputable schools abroad.